Family Shorts

Saturday, April 13 | 11:30am | Vancity Theatre

This program is full of adventures that are whimsical, bizarre and thoughtful. Made with very diverse techniques, these films will take you on many a strange journey. Come early for the Pajama Party preceeding this program. Anyone who is wearing their pajamas will ge a FREE breakfast.

Recommended for ages 4+

Following the film program, you are invited to contribute 3D shadow puppets, paper cut-outs, and your own body's shadow to the Mere Phantoms' Installation in the Atrium. This interactive shadow installation is designed to engage young audiences in animating and illuminating space adventures. Paper cutouts will be suspended inside the lobby of the Vancity Theatre. The Mere Phantoms artists will demonstrate one of the paper-cut techniques they use in their work, and will guide participants through a design and creation process. Then watch it grow over the weekend.


Alexandre Dubosc France 3min

Paris-based food artist Alexandre Dubosc created a series of edible zoetropes – and made this delicious animated film.


Heat Wave

Thieěry Milot Canada 2012 4min

It's a dog day afternoon and Max tries to cool down with an ice pop, his desk fan and a surf movie. Suddenly, his fan stops and his ice pop box is empty. He then takes his skateboard and goes on a quest for refreshment where a few surprises await him.



Herr Hoppe and the Nuclear Waste

Jan Lachauer & Thorsten Löffler Germany 2min

Original title: Herr Hoppe und der Atommüil
A barrel of nuclear waste drops into the living room of Herr Hoppe, an average suburban man. He has to get rid of it in his own wacky way.


Lucy vs The Limits of Voice

Mónica Herrera Mexico 10min

Seven-year-old Lucy wants to know if a person's voice can run out, and if that could be the reason why her grandpa stopped talking. To find the answer, she decides to defy her Aunt Rose's strict rules and perform a risky experiment.



Simon Pietro De Domenico Italy 9min

Seven-year-old Milo lives in a world all his own, and doesn't like ‘outside’ interference. One day he decides to record the storm of silence in order to completely isolate himself from the world.


My Strange Grandfather

Dina Velikovskaya Russia 9min

A creative person often seems weird, funny and a little bit crazy. Even his friends and family do not always understand him and often feel ashamed of him. But sometimes he can create a real miracle – merely from garbage.


New London Calling

Alla Kovgan UK 10min

An unsupervised tribe of 75 children take over the entire city of New London, creating their rites and rituals through playing street games. Their vibrant spirit evokes hopes for the future, but also melancholy about the glorious past of children's culture disappearing from the streets of American cities.



Susan Wolf Canada 2min

A revolution is kicked off when one little cloud has enough of the sun’s tyranny.


Anne-Kristine Berge Norway 3min

This animation is a fast-paced hair-raising ride through an inky world, set to Frédéric Chopin's Opus 10, No 4.



Frits Standaert France 8min

In the calm of the jungle, an unusual noise scares the animals who panic one after the other. As the rumours spread, their behaviour becomes increasingly irrational.

RATING: G (Violence)