Family Shorts

Saturday, April 13 | 11:30am | Vancity Theatre

This program is full of adventures that are whimsical, bizarre and thoughtful. Made with very diverse techniques, these films will take you on many a strange journey. Come early for the Pajama Party preceeding this program. Anyone who is wearing their pajamas will ge a FREE breakfast.

Recommended for ages 4+

Following the film program, you are invited to contribute 3D shadow puppets, paper cut-outs, and your own body's shadow to the Mere Phantoms' Installation in the Atrium. This interactive shadow installation is designed to engage young audiences in animating and illuminating space adventures. Paper cutouts will be suspended inside the lobby of the Vancity Theatre. The Mere Phantoms artists will demonstrate one of the paper-cut techniques they use in their work, and will guide participants through a design and creation process. Then watch it grow over the weekend.

Stompy The Bear

Charlotte Blacker Canada 3min


The Fox and the Chickadee

Evan De Rushie Canada 9min

This charming stop-motion animated fable tells the story of how a starving fox and a cunning chickadee, who find themselves trapped in a standoff.  The chickadee turns the tables on the fox by proposing a plan that would provide enough food for the winter. But there's a catch: the two will need to work together in order to feast.

Rating: G

Preceds: Ernest & Célestine

Why Do We Put Up With Them?

David Chai USA 3min

"This animated poem is about a little stinker I love."